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Discussion in 'x64dbg Plugin' started by m4n0w4r, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. m4n0w4r

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    xHotSpots plugin for x64dbg
    author: ThunderCLS from CLS team

    This is the new plugin rewrite based on the deprecated MagicPoints (https://github.com/ThunderCls/MagicPoints).

    Features & Usage:
    • Define the compiler for the current debugged application
    • Select such compiler from the dropdown menu
    • Click on the Locate button
    • A message will pop up whether magic points were located or not and a breakpoint along with a comment is setted in those points
    • Run your .exe and after the magic point breakpoint is hitted, place another BP on your exe code section and Run
    • If you did it right and everything was fine, you'll be landing exactly in the hot spot of your application

    Download here:

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