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ida pro plugin labeless, sync IDA with OllyDbg by a1ext

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by storm shadow, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. m4n0w4r

    Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for your hard working!!
    But i think, maybe i and some of my friends still use IDA 6.8 for a very long time ... :(

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  2. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

  3. a1ext

    Well-Known Member Ida Pro Expert Developer

    • a1ext
    • Oct 8, 2015
    • 63
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    I'm going to implement the IDA "cursor synchronization" - it means when you are debugging (step in, step over, etc.) the application in debuggee (OllyDbg, x64dbg) it will broadcast the current position and part of CONTEXT when you, so IDA can receive this information and navigate you there (see the attachment)

    It will be useful when you want to know where you are in the IDA's graph view while you working in OllyDbg/x64dbg.
    This almost doesn't decrease the debugging performance.

    The question is how to utilyze the information in IDA, except showing the current line.
    For example, the registers values can be stored (only included in the current instruction/all registers) like a "comment".
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  4. m4n0w4r

    Well-Known Member

    Wow .. that's is amazing feature.
    Can you get the return value of function from Ollydbg/x64dbg and store in IDA like a "comment"?
    Or take the parameters information of API call when working in OllyDbg/x64dbg and recomment/ or edit them like we using Standard symbolic constant in IDA.

    Tks so much!
  5. a1ext

    Well-Known Member Ida Pro Expert Developer

    • a1ext
    • Oct 8, 2015
    • 63
    • 106
    Can you show me an example?
  6. m4n0w4r

    Well-Known Member

    Here is my example:

    It just my idea, but i think it hard to implement :(

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