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Free Windows Screen Recorder 1.0a

Windows Screen Recorder

  1. storm shadow
    Windows screen recorder

    Windows screen recorder is a simple systray and GUI screen recorder for windows. It is coded with Python 2.7 and PyQt5.

    Installer does not depend on either python or Qt installations.





    System tray


    Minimalistic Gui



    Installer will show in windows start menu, but you can run directly with the python code also.
    It will show a Record icon in system tray.

    There a different features in the icon menu, simply left click and right click to see the different options.
    As now there a two ways of recordings
    Record wia left click menu or using gui in the menu.
    If you use the left click menu i added a splashscreen countdown, counting down from 5 sconds.


    Simply install the installer, and find it under start menu.
    Note: Installer will add ffmpeg binaries to your system path.
    It will also register the capture filter's automatic.
    Remember to restart PC.

    Run with Python code without installer

    First time you have to register the capture filters in registry.
    Run register_run_as_admin.bat to register the Qt-screen-capture-recorder.dll and Qt-screen-capture-recorder-x64.dll
    Note remember to unregister if you move the filters to a different folder, and then you have to reregister them in the new folder.
    Then you would need to add ffmpeg.exe to system path.

    in windows CMD type
    Code (Text):
    ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy
    output will display if there are capture filters present.

    Code (Text):
    C:\Users\Storm Shadow>ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy
    ffmpeg version N-81784-g92de2c2 Copyright (c) 2000-2016 the FFmpeg developers
      built with gcc 5.4.0 (GCC)
    [dshow @ 0000000000eb24e0] DirectShow video devices (some may be both video and audio devices)
    [dshow @ 0000000000eb24e0]  "Qt-screen-capture"
    [dshow @ 0000000000eb24e0] DirectShow audio devices
    [dshow @ 0000000000eb24e0] Could not enumerate audio only devices (or none found).
    dummy: Immediate exit requested

    Build installer yourself
    *Tools needed*

    Inno Install

    from repo folder type

    Code (Text):
    pyinstaller --window --icon=app.ico rec_main.py icons.py

    Find build under dist

    from PyQt5 folder copy platforms from PyQt5\plugins\

    to dist\rec_main

    also copy the ffmpeg folder with subfolders build folder

    to dist\rec_main

    Use supplied innosetup script to build. and install

    Sound record you say

    ffmpeg is a lttile wierd about that.
    you have to know what sound filter you have and put that into the ffmpeg.exe line in rec_main.py
    to see what filter you have when microphone is plugged in type once agin in windows CMD

    Code (Text):
    ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy
    i will see how to add this in future version automatic.

    In order to play the movies you might need codecs.

    I used the awsome Combined community codec pack for years.

    Add Streaming.

    Add updater for new version.

    Add automatic sound.

    Side note on filters

    im using the filter by Roger slidly modded.
    If you want to skip those filters and use win 8 /10 internal one.
    replace filters in rec_main.py with

    Code (Text):
    -f gdigrab
    However it produce bad framerate and video do not look good.

    Side note on 4k recording

    if you have 4k screen, then right click ffmpeg.exe and under settings

    tick "deactivate display scaling on high DPI devices"