NEW V2.4ALPHA Released!

Storm Shadow

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Author added Yara rules on my request, pretty awsome.


- resolved a crash when scrolling up in the dump
- resolved reference view not following in disasm correctly
- resolved losing settings
- fixed a crash with a critical section initialized multiple times
- added secret option to disable database compression
- various ui improvements
- allow 'jmp short'
- fixed hardware breakpoints
- disasm/dump/stack plugin menu api
- display the number of bytes selected and the module in dump
- added topmost option
- fixed TLS callbacks on DLLs
- show reference count in reference window
- fixed possible buffer overflows
- added a close all button in the reference view to close all tabs
- fixed a bug with a non-refreshed memory map on start
- report bug button
- update hex when editing ascii/unicode in HexEditDialog
- settings dialog now scales
- fixed importing patches
- thread-safe dbghelp access (could fix some crashes)
- Yara pattern finding support
- resolved an issue where toggling patches did not toggle the actual bytes
- data copy dialog in various formats (C byte/word/dword/string/unicode)
- dynamic 'Find references to' menu in disassembler (auto-detects constants)
- added find references option to the dump (also works with a range selection)
- show what was searched for in reference tab title
- RegEx support in SearchListView