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Normally when dl an pkg from lets say
Now averything from sony come from the same server they just put the name zues for there own sake
the links could be any
same link different subdomain

Same goes for updates/Psn games visa versa.
But now it very interesting also :)
same links but watch the sizes
an opfustigation off the link it done with vita link but it is the same pkg

suddenly have the extension kIiuCpkDztoEpLnuNZjICvbCwqUzrMxHdWxRFiqlmnUOaIAANHbnIhDBpchdLkNZ.pkg

:) So all the links that people snatch from PSN is done with the last algorytme and opfuscate the extension.

if you http debbug or sniff the miliseconds it changes the real link to the opfuscated one.
Well you get the point.

same goes for pup updates
ps3 pup
vita pup
vita pup from ps3 link

and versa