Need for Speed most wanted


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Hey Wii U owners, Spent anytime looking up the screenies for this? Looking pretty damn fine for a early release imho. Apparently the PC textures are easy for criterion, this says to me the complexities that held back the ps3 from early development maybe not such a problem for the wii U. Here's hoping for some excellent releases before the launch of PS4 and xb durango/720. Sure I own a nice Lappy but deep down i'm a console freak ;) and a decent size user base before the end of this year will make the purchase worth while.


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Honestly I havent looked at any multiplat titles..
I only look at exclusives for all my consoles now. Since I got a decent gaming rig, anything that is on PC, I play on there :p
But yeah I have heard some good things about developing for the Wii U :)
Im seriously just hoping for more good titles like Zombi U, that really blew my mind for a Nintendo game, been so used to kiddy graphics and party games from them.
It finally felt like theyre catering to core gamers again with that.
Just hoping they can pump out a steady flow of games before the big boys launch!!


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I think Nint is over the kiddy game faze, they still make them but there's been some decent adult content since the n64 and NGC. Maybe I just want something new? I think the Wii U will pick up, neither the 360 or the ps3 had any Shin Megani Tensei except that persona arena thingy and catherine of which neither are jrpg's. I haven't played a N4S for ages so this is a must buy for me.

Edit: Ok, I've bought this and it's freaking sweat!!!!!I'm surprised but the online online play is excellent here In Australia. Be good to have some Nint Friends, Geez guy's, No Cooties here. Oh yeah, It looks as good as the reviews suggest, I highly recommend the pro controller but only because I can't stand the big Fablet thing.