Review Got Drums the singing COD autotune troller.

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The average League of Legends gamer's almost as much wrong with that it would take too long to write here. All believe that they are the best, there is always someone to make fun, always someone who takes it too seriously when it is Normal Game (rather than Ranked), there is always someone who does not take it seriously enough - it is altogether impossible to play through a game without at least one player who shouted the other.

Therefore, it is refreshing to see someone who has something a little better to give to than to slam on the other - such as in the following video where Call of Duty II gamer Got Drums sings for his teammates with autotune.

It is improvised along the way - as he sings about the other players and what he does, and besides he sings game he might also just a bit silly. He tries for example to block his teammates inside the help of his shield.

The highlight is when he tries to sing Bad Romance to another player named Tiffany.