Tutorial CPython internals: A ten-hour codewalk through the Python interpreter source code by Philip Guo

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Very nice and detailed video tut by Philip Guo

Here are nine lectures walking through the internals of CPython, the canonical Python interpreter implemented in C. They were from a dynamic programming languages course that I taught in Fall 2014 at the University of Rochester. The format isn't ideal, but I haven't seen this level of detail about CPython presented online, so I wanted to share these videos.

Lecture 1 - Interpreter and source code overview

Lecture 2 - Opcodes and main interpreter loop

This lecture references:
Lecture 3 - Frames, function calls, and scope

  • Include/code.h
  • Include/frameobject.h
  • Objects/frameobject.c
  • Python/ceval.c
Lecture 4 - PyObject: The core Python object

Lecture 5 - Example Python data types

  • Objects/abstract.c
  • Include/stringobject.h
  • Objects/stringobject.c
Lecture 6 - Code objects, function objects, and closures

  • Include/code.h
  • Include/funcobject.h
  • Objects/codeobject.c
  • Objects/funcobject.c
Lecture 7 - Iterators

  • Include/iterobject.h
  • Objects/iterobject.c
  • Objects/abstract.c
  • Python/ceval.c
Lecture 8 - User-defined classes and objects

  • Include/classobject.h
  • Objects/classobject.c
  • Objects/abstract.c
  • Python/ceval.c
Lecture 9 - Generators

  • Include/genobject.h
  • Objects/genobject.c
  • Python/ceval.c