Cant Find This Game On The Steam Library

Jeremy Gusikowski

New member
Greetings to all, I am experiencing a serious issue that I can't seem to solve it anymore. I recently purchased this game 'Street Fighter V' from Steam and I have also played the for several days. But yesterday when I opened Steam for playing the game, I did not find this on the Steam library. I have no idea what could be the issue. Could someone please help me to solve the issue?

Jeremy Gusikowski

New member
Guys not getting any response, I searched online for help and came across this useful guide. Could someone please help if these methods of this article might be helpful?

Rip Cord

Staff member
sorry, is mostly only devs still on this forum. Speaking for myself only, I don't play any steam games because of intolerable previous experience with them.

good luck to you, I hope you are able to get your game working.

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