Basic C++ Linux Game Hacking Tutorial


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This is a video made by my friend matthew99g, he took our beginner C++ hack tutorial for Windows and he adapted it to work on Linux.
  • In this video you will learn to
  • Get the list of running processes
  • Find the game process id
  • Get the process base address
  • Read memory
  • Write memory
  • Unlimited ammo in Assault Cube
Here is just a sample of int main()
int main(const int argc, const char *argv[]) {
	const char szSignature[] = "\x48\x8b\x45\x28\x83\x28\x01\x48";
	char szOpCode[] = "\x90\x90\x90";
	// Code starts executing here...
	ProcessManager procManager("ac_client");
	// Launch Payload
	procManager.SignaturePayload(szSignature, szOpCode, strlen(szSignature), strlen(szOpCode), 64, 4);
	exit(EXIT_SUCCESS); // Terminate process

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