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multiMAN 04.19.05 UPD Released – Added Support For PS2 Disc Add-ons

Published on February 6, 2013, by Mujarrad - Posted in PS3, PS3 Backup Managers, Sony 0

Following up on the previous release, today developer deanK updates multiMAN to version 04.19.05 with the following changes below:
Changelog 04.19.05:
  • Added support for PS2 disc add-ons for PS3 games like SingStar:
    • “[PS2" prefix in folder name required
    • Example: /dev_hdd0/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Pop] where [PS2 Pop] contains a backup of your PS2 disc
You can have up to 10 [PS2] add-on discs per PS3 game. In the screenshot above the following folder structure was used:
/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance <— This is the PS3 game listed in the Game column
mM detects the add-on PS2 discs and will list them in the pop-up menu when you load the game:
/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Pop]
/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Disney]
/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Party]
To have a PS2 disc to be listed in the pop-up menu the folder name must start with [PS2 like in the examples above.
[Hermes] option for BD-ROM Emulator must be used and a PS3 disc is required. Later for the PS2 swap you’ll need an original PS2 disc.
Don’t forget that you can backup your original PS2 discs in folder format using mmOS.