Tutorial Beginner IDA Pro Game Reversing - Fly Hack


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We will be reverse engineering the MoveEntity function, in it we will reveal 3 variables that can be manipulated to make a fly hack, invisibility hack and noclip hack. This is not a universal hack, just some interesting logic holes I found in Assault Cube that allow you to do some interesting things online when they should only be limited to client games only. You will: find basic vars in cheat engine reverse engineer a function play with ida pro & reclass write a simple C++ external trainer

After making this I realized I didn't even look at the assembly, so I realize it's a bit lame just looking at the pseudocode but this is aimed at beginners. I also thought this was intersting because I basically did the scientific method

Ask a Question: How can I make a flyhack?
Research: mess around with the game
Form hypothesis: Maybe there is some client side logic that we can enable while on the server
Test hypothesis: reverse some function, change some bytes
Conclusion: Rekt

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